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Open space, “closed” attitude

Open space offices were created as common working areas where ideas can circulate easier than in classic places with cubicles. Or so we thought. But the real and the ideal don’t always coincide and facts lead to an unexpected direction…

Work of freelancer, be flexible or die

working from home

Work of freelancer, that often means working from home. From a teenager’s point of view it may seem like something really cool. And also from the point of view of all those who have to wake up early to get somewhere in a sad office. But thinking about the “real situation” and being inside it, it can often be completely different…

Good luck, and poor sons

Today I asked myself: why have I been shaped for a world that doesn’t exist?
I have no way to contribute to society in the way that’s more congenial to me because I haven’t a job.
On the other hand, I have a “curriculum vitae” that I couldn’t even write, let alone work.
I’m 31, I’ve been studying for more than 16 years, working for 10, done 22 different jobs, 19 “blacks” and 3 reals, regular ones and everything I mean, most of all paid.
I’m a journalist…