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We Women: beautiful, dirty and bad

Durante le prove di WeWomen. Minako Teki e Julie Dossavi

The first change for the “feminine condition” concerns women, precisely, and not men. Men will not help the preconditions, but if the woman first considers herself as a little creature given to sex, motherhood and domestic care, and if she first attacks those women who try to get out of their stereotypes that cage them, please, then don’t complain of male chauvinism. The most serious male chauvinism is that of women…


Women rights and gender equality: the case of Switzerland

Switzerland is considered one of the best examples of advanced country: neutral in wars, often turning to the main tool of direct democracy (the referendum), civil rights such as euthanasia, headquarter of the Red Cross and host of international treats like the Geneva Conventions. But they have their contradictions as well, banks who accepted tax evaders or Nazis money, a pinch of intolerance and, last but not least, an incredible delay in giving women equal rights. Perhaps not everyone knows that Swiss women got the right to vote only in 1971…

If women had the power and ruled the world

Women power

If women had power and ruled the world, there will be peace and social justice. It would be true if everybody was like Benazir Bhutto or Aung San Suu Kyi. But the reality is more complex, of course not every woman is the same and the few examples we had (Thatcher, Condoleezza Rice and so on) suggest that nothing would change. A totally different thing would be talking about the inequalities of women in access, opportunities and payment…