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“La guerra del fùtbol”, kicking diplomacy away

In 1969, Honduras and El Salvador contend the qualification to the World Cup of 1970 in Mexico. But the matches take place in an already dramatic political situation. And made things even worse… Continue reading


Stanley’s war

War movies follow usual outlines, blending together action, heroism, sacrifice, emotions. Because they work better if there’s a good vs evil dichotomy in which you can relate. Not Kubrick ones. In Stanley’s war there aren’t good ones… Continue reading

From war on drugs to drugs in war

The finding of captagon, some kind of amphetamine, in the pockets or blood of many jihadists affiliated to Islamic State surprised the public opinion. But using drugs in wars is an ancient practice. Anyway it’s a paradox how the same Governments who spend billions in the war on drugs or groups that punish the use of narcotics with death penalty, if they have to prevail against the enemy, don’t mind to step on everyone and everything… Continue reading

Keep calm and don’t blame islam

7 gennaio, è appena passata l’Epifania, nemmeno il tempo di riprendere i ritmi di lavoro regolare dopo la sbornia delle lunghe festività natalizie che il mondo è scosso dall’attentato alla sede del giornale satirico parigino Charlie Hebdo ad opera di un gruppo di fondamentalisti islamici ma di nazionalità francese, affiliati alla sezione yemenita di Al … Continue reading


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aRTiSTiC HoMe @ Monti! 2 rooms 2 bathrooms 1 hot tub

Roma, Lazio, Italia

The apartment is in an 19th century building, recently restored, along one of the most elegant and fashionable streets of the city, famous for its clothes shops, the theatre and bars. It's the big avenue that marks the northern limit of the ancient neighborhood in Roma, the legendary Rione Monti, full of alleys, churches and small squares. New meeting point for young people, few steps away from the Colosseum. The possibility to live the two souls of Roma, so big and cozy, The Great Beauty ! :-)