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Security Contractors, not heroes nor mercenaries

The history of this security contractors is relatively recent and has, at the very least, questionable roots. In 1989, in South Africa and Namibia, the apartheid is about to collapse and the army of these two countries will be reorganized soon. Among the new unemployed soldiers there is Eeben Barlow, former colonel of the Civil Cooperation Bureau, a unit (basically a death squad) responsible for the murder of many political opponents.
Barlow decides to put his strategic know-how at the service of privates, foreseeing the business potential: war zones are always a lot and, after the Cold War, less and less ideological…

Tips hide a wage problem

tips jar

Tips are a cultural habit, or so we are told. They are mandatory and conspicuous in the United States, offensive in Japan, a half way in Europe, where they are well accepted but waiters don’t rely on them. Actually, the difference is not only about traditions, it’s mostly contractual…