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Mahi Binebine, “the big jump” of suicide bombers

Photo by Bantersnaps on Unsplash

“Maybe Hell is the inability to change things. Instead faith made us see Heaven”. A kamikaze speaks and does so in the book by Mahi Binebine, a former student and professor of mathematics in Paris and today a painter and writer in New York. Born in Marrakech in 1959…

If you don’t want terrorism, think about animals

Blood Ivory Elephant AK47 by Victor van Gaasbeek

There is a type of person who always complains, when he has the impression that others (organisms, groups or individuals) are taking care of important aspects of human life, but they (seem) do not concern him/her. Then they can’t stand animalists because they only think about animals; environmentalists, because they only think about the environment; volunteers who deal with refugees, because they only think about “saving terrorists”…