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New media, old issues

We’re used to think that first internet and then the social media revolutionized and democratized the entertainment and the information world, making any other previous media obsolete. But that’s not fully correct, because, if the tool is surely way faster and more widespread, dynamics behind its use are basically the same as always…

Media does not tell the reality

bonsky we are all fake

About how media magnifies the news… take one article at random subsequently to the year 1998. Something has changed in the news: there is more gossip and nothing really to talk about. But misinformation didn’t begin with the poor internet that everyone blames…

The vir(tu)al democracy disorient us


One of the first and coolest stand up comedian in Italy talks about “a disoriented train of life, the confusion created today by a virtual and viral form of democracy we were not prepared for: there’re so many opportunity of expression offered by technology. 7 billion people, suddenly, speak, express opinions, and add information. The result is an agglomeration of contradictions that ends up disorienting us”.