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Fast fashion, if ethics is not a trend

Fast fashion was created in the Nineties thanks to brands that proposed a recognizable and low cost dressing style. It developed through these decades following high-fashion, but remaining much cheaper and most of all it changed timing. Collections went from two cycles a year (basically summer and winter) to almost weekly ones, for a constant renovation of the store shelves. Sustainability is the other side of the coin, though Continue reading


Fast fashion, l’etica deve andare di moda

La fast fashion si sviluppa dagli anni Novanta grazie a marchi che propongono uno stile di abbigliamento riconoscibile e a basso costo. Negli anni si è evoluta inseguendo le fogge di alta moda ma a prezzi decisamente più a buon mercato. L’altra faccia della medaglia sta nell’impatto ambientale insostenibile per i cicli di produzione sempre più rapidi e nello sfruttamento dei lavoratori soprattutto nell’Asia centro-orientale… Continue reading


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aRTiSTiC HoMe @ Monti! 2 rooms 2 bathrooms 1 hot tub

Roma, Lazio, Italia

The apartment is in an 19th century building, recently restored, along one of the most elegant and fashionable streets of the city, famous for its clothes shops, the theatre and bars. It's the big avenue that marks the northern limit of the ancient neighborhood in Roma, the legendary Rione Monti, full of alleys, churches and small squares. New meeting point for young people, few steps away from the Colosseum. The possibility to live the two souls of Roma, so big and cozy, The Great Beauty ! :-)