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…also because you die! (2)

In recent years, even skeptics are starting to see the effects of global warming. Desertification, floods and hurricanes, diseases, melting ice… Even if, in such a context, denial is still present. In 2015 ¼ of Americans did not believe in climate change. But we could speak of indoctrinated people. They partecipate in conferences organized by the directly “interested in the ‘pollution’, or rather the oil and coal industries. As shown by a Vice investigation into ‘The rising oceans’. Among this minority of “deniers of the obvious”, we also had to resist the former President Trump. In one fell swoop, has made all the efforts by Obama useless. At least ,”most Americans today (62%) say that climate change is affecting their local community either a great deal or some”, but we think that the discussion here is deeper: we are talking about to die or survive…

Environmental issues are not boring… (1)

Over time, environmental issues have been stereotyped a lot. Perceived as very secondary, almost useless. Apart from a few “green” fanatics. In the news they always reach the bottom, in the working world they are seen as marginal occupations, in daily life no weight. The sun, the moon, the sky, everything is still there as we have always seen it. At the end. These themes can attract compassion or mockery. At best a certain boredom… until something has been changed. Or not?

1816, the year without summer

1816 had been the year without summer because of the eruption of Tambora, that caused hundred thousand dead people all over the world for dearth and famine, due to the sudden cooling. But even from such a catastrophe, something positive stem. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, for the dark mood of the season, the Flemish painters got inspired by the particular sunsets, the ancestor of the bicycle was invented…