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If you don’t want terrorism, think about animals

Blood Ivory Elephant AK47 by Victor van Gaasbeek

There is a type of person who always complains, when he has the impression that others (organisms, groups or individuals) are taking care of important aspects of human life, but they (seem) do not concern him/her. Then they can’t stand animalists because they only think about animals; environmentalists, because they only think about the environment; volunteers who deal with refugees, because they only think about “saving terrorists”…

Humans vs animals

humans vs animals

Humans vs animals, a dichotomy old as the evolution. A brutal behavior is still labeled as “beastly”, on the other hand animalists say that those “beasts” are better than humans. We put a lot of efforts to distinguish: we use bathrooms, we write, articulate words, we dress and make art. But deep down we got the same instinct: eat, reproduce, defend the territory. It’s always like a final step is missing…