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Keep calm and… present is not that bad

Don’t you feel, sometimes, to live in a completely different reality confronted with the world you see portrayed on TV, surfing the internet, flipping through newspapers…? Continue reading


Water wars

More than oil, feedstock, raw material, religion, ideology, nationalism. Wars, gradually, aim at the control of the most precious resource: water… Continue reading

Work of freelancer, be flexible or die

Work of freelancer, that often means working from home. From a teenager’s point of view it may seem like something really cool. And also from the point of view of all those who have to wake up early to get somewhere in a sad office. But thinking about the “real situation” and being inside it, it can often be completely different… Continue reading

Fast fashion, if ethics is not a trend

Fast fashion was created in the Nineties thanks to brands that proposed a recognizable and low cost dressing style. It developed through these decades following high-fashion, but remaining much cheaper and most of all it changed timing. Collections went from two cycles a year (basically summer and winter) to almost weekly ones, for a constant renovation of the store shelves. Sustainability is the other side of the coin, though Continue reading

Hollywood, from a prohibitionist village to the star system

Looking at all the stories of alcohol and/or drugs addiction that affect the showbiz, it’s hard to believe that Hollywood was founded with the purpose to create a prohibitionist town. At the end of the XIX century, the entrepreneur Harvey Henderson Wicox, during the honeymoon, is convinced by his wife Daeida Hartell to buy an area of 50 hectares to establish an oasis free from alcohol… Continue reading

From Dylan Dog to Morgan Lost, media and narcissism of evil

We were already used to the lonely, mysterious and handsome hero, but with Morgan Lost it is like Dylan Dog had passed through Alice’s mirror… Continue reading

The traditional family is the one which evolves

Even if we talk of a “traditional family”, the basic concepts which historically defined and described family relationships had been very fluid and connected to economy more than blood lineage or love… Continue reading

This is Halloween

Not totally pagan or Christian, Halloween is one of the many examples of religious syncretism. Rooted in Celtic and therefore pre-Christian traditions, Halloween was “resumed” during the VIII century by the monk Alcuin of York, who superimposed All Saints’ Day to the celebrations of Samhain, a joyful memory of the dearly departed. The name itself Halloween is the contraction of All Hallow’s Eve… Continue reading

You can’t be neutral on a moving train

Historians, such as journalists, focus on the most important people. “What really matters are the countless small deeds of unknown people who lay the basis for the events of human history”, Howard Zinn once said. Why did he write a history book? Because there wasn’t any like it. It’s A people’s history of the United States, published in 1980 and corner stone of this specific sector. Because Zinn was one of those who changed the narration perspective, placing the last ones with the greatest characters… Continue reading

The law of Jante

We are used to think of Scandinavian Social Democracies as one of the best political models around the world, able to conjugate collectivism and liberalism. It’s a common belief that the main pillar of Social Democracy is the Law of Jante, a decalogue created by the Danish writer Aksel Sandemose in his novel of 1933 A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks… Continue reading

Fake news, fake problem

Fake news are the alarm of the last few years. A BBC survey, conducted in 18 countries, revealed that 78% of the interviewed feels worried because of the spreading of misinformation. But the real question, in the end, is: do fake news have an actual role in influencing elections, like Donald Trump or Brexit? Or is it just an easy scapegoat to divert attention from personal responsibilities and much deeper social and cultural issues? Continue reading

1816, the year without summer

1816 had been the year without summer because of the eruption of Tambora, that caused hundred thousand dead people all over the world for dearth and famine, due to the sudden cooling. But even from such a catastrophe, something positive stem. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, for the dark mood of the season, the Flemish painters got inspired by the particular sunsets, the ancestor of the bicycle was invented… Continue reading

Iconography of hair

According to some surveys, becoming bald is the greatest fear that men face when they are getting older. Even worse than loosing teeth, gaining weight or becoming impotent. We can understand a fact from that: the status associated with the hair when it comes to personality, self-esteem, seduction and sensuality… Continue reading

Closed for vacation

Moving has always been part of the history of humanity. First of all, because nomadism was the normal condition before sedentary civilizations. But even after that, populations kept wandering: to escape dearth, to explore, to develop trades. Going on vacation is sure different, yet has ancient root as well… Continue reading

The International Army Games or the anti-Olympics

It’s well known that in the ancient times the Olympics were so important to stop wars. Less famous than those, the International Army Games were born and raised in Russia in 2015 and they arrived at their third edition in the summer 2017, right in between Rio 2016 and Pyongchang 2018. They look scary and they are exactly what they seem: a competition among armies to display who has got the strongest potential and arsenal… Continue reading


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aRTiSTiC HoMe @ Monti! 2 rooms 2 bathrooms 1 hot tub

Roma, Lazio, Italia

The apartment is in an 19th century building, recently restored, along one of the most elegant and fashionable streets of the city, famous for its clothes shops, the theatre and bars. It's the big avenue that marks the northern limit of the ancient neighborhood in Roma, the legendary Rione Monti, full of alleys, churches and small squares. New meeting point for young people, few steps away from the Colosseum. The possibility to live the two souls of Roma, so big and cozy, The Great Beauty ! :-)